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Memories wanted by museum

Do you remember this child-sized post-box from

Fazakerley Cottage Homes?

  This special post-box is in the collections of the Museum of Liverpool. The museum is due to open in 2010/11 on Liverpool’s waterfront and the post-box will displayed pride of place in the People’s City Gallery.

  I am looking for any memories or information anyone may have about the post- box no matter how small or insignificant. Does anyone remember using it? Where was it? How long was it at the homes etcetera?

  National Museums Liverpool has had the post-box since 1964 when the cottage homes closed.

  According to an article in the Liverpool Echo at the time the post box was specially made for the children at the cottage homes to post their letters and cards, and that when the homes closed it was rescued by a member of the Post Office staff.

  When a new owner was advertised for, so many requests were received from children’s homes across Merseyside that it was decided that the fairest answer was to donate it to the museum for everyone to enjoy. The children however were not left disappointed as replicas of the post-box were made, filled with sweets and delivered to the various homes.

  Please contact me at  with any information you may have at

  Many thanks

  Kay Jones, Curator of Community History